Automatic Pet Feeder with Video


Effortlessly Feed and Monitor Your Pet From Your Smartphone

Do you feel you always need to be home to feed your pet? Would you like to have a Pet Feeder, Nanny Cam, and Intercom Wrapped in one Awesome Gizmo?

The Automatic Pet Feeder's effortless app control lets you manage your pet's meals anytime, anywhere. Precision scheduling ensures tailored, timely feed. HD Video monitoring lets you monitor your pet in real-time and Interactive Communication Features like voice recording and 2-way audio lets you communicate with your pet, giving them comfort even when you are miles away.

No more rushing back home to feed your pet or asking your neighbor's help!

Picture this: You, at the office or the grocery store, effortlessly controlling your pet's meals with a few swipes on your smartphone.


Trusted By Numerous Happy Australians

Described by our customers as a “COMPLETE GAME-CHANGER, this state-of-the-art automatic pet feeder, designed with Australian pet parents in mind. Join thousands of others in enjoying unparalleled convenience, ensuring your pet never misses a meal, even when your schedule is hectic.


Benefits Of The Automatic Pet Feeder

✅ Feed Pets Remotely from Your Phone, Never Miss a Meal

✅ HD Video Monitoring: 1920x1080 Full HD with Crystal-Clear Night Vision

✅ Two-Way Audio and Voice Recording

✅ Scheduled Feeding: Timely, Tailored Meals; No Stress, No Worries

✅ Portion Control: Choose Your Portion Size, No Overfeeding

✅ Freshness Guarantee: Airtight Storage

✅ Dual Battery Backup: Meal Assurance- Feeder Works Even During Power Outages

✅ Easy to Clean: Dishwasher-Safe

✅ Durable and Safe: High-Grade BPA-Free Material

✅ Tamper-Resistant Lids That Pets Can’t Open



Ultimate Life-Changer For Aussie Pet Parents

Our advanced feeder revolutionizes the way you care for your pets, ensuring their meals are taken care of even when you're not around. With easy control and scheduling features via the smartphone app, you can set precise meal times and portion sizes from anywhere. Say goodbye to manual feeding and hello to convenience at your fingertips

Why Do you need an Automatic Pet Feeder?

Deemed as a pet parent “MUST HAVE” this Automatic Pet Feeder is our BESTSELLER for a reason! It prioritises not just convenience, but also your pet's health. The portion control feature helps maintain a healthy weight, preventing overfeeding or obesity. The airtight storage guarantees the freshness of your pet's food, eliminating the need for constant refills.

Stay connected with your furry friend through the built-in camera that allows you to monitor and adjust feeding times remotely. With voice interaction and battery backup, your pet will never miss a meal, even during power outages. Experience peace of mind and ensure your pet's well-being with our bestselling game-changer!

Feel Safe With a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are Australia's leading pet store, if you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us within 14 days of delivery and receive a FULL REFUND. 

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