Extra Long Dog Training Leash (Obedience Recall)

$16.99 $28.32
This Obedience Recall training Leash is an essential tool for pet owners and trainers who want to practice obedience recall with their dogs. Made from highly durable materials, this leash can withstand any outdoor elements including heat, cold, rain, snow, dust and mud. It features a long length that provides enough slack for your pup to explore without venturing too far away from you. Perfect for hikes or camping trips as well as water activities due to its quick-drying capability, this lead leash is designed to fit all needs!

 Durable materials that can withstand any outdoor climate.

 Long length provides plenty of slack for your pup to move around without getting too far away from you.

 Quick drying capability makes it suitable for water activities.

✅ Easy-to-use snap hook closure helps secure the leash quickly!

✅ Comfortable grip handle lets you maintain control over your pet while they explore their surroundings safely and securely.


Allows for greater freedom of movement: An extra-long dog training leash provides your dog with greater freedom to move around while still being under your control. This is especially useful when training your dog to come when called, as it allows them to roam around while you gradually increase the distance between you.

Perfect for recall training: This dog training leash is ideal for recall training, as it allows your dog to move around while you are able to maintain control. You can gradually increase the distance between you and your dog as they become more confident and obedient.

Great for obedience training: An extra-long dog training leash is perfect for obedience training, as it allows you to give your dog commands and monitor their behavior from a distance. This is useful for training your dog to sit, stay, and heel.

Provides added safety: The dog training leash provides added safety by allowing you to keep your dog under control while they explore their surroundings. This is especially useful when walking in crowded areas or near busy roads.

Suitable for all dog breeds: This training leash is suitable for all dog breeds, regardless of size or temperament. This is because it allows you to maintain control while giving your dog greater freedom of movement, which is essential for their overall well-being and happiness

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